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Nifter Media on YouTube - A Collection of Shared Videos Offered by Nifter Media

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 Caylee Marie Anthony and Casey Anthony, the child's mother NIFTER MEDIA ON YOUTUBE

Interesting Videos and Popular News Story Coverage
We are currently adding our substantial collection of YouTube videos to this section. We hope to have all of our videos up on this site in the near future. The videos added to the site so far can be found using the links below. To ensure you don't miss any videos that might interest you, you can follow this link to our channel on YouTube.

      Video Sections and Descriptions   (On this page below)
 Section 1 - Caylee Marie Anthony Murdered Florida Child - Case Videos
 Section 2 - Public 911 Calls of All Kinds - Funny to Strange to Serious
      Many more videos on the way - Bookmark Now

      Direct Links to the Video Sections On Site
 Section 1 - Videos related to the Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case   (Orlando, Florida Toddler, Caylee Anthony)
      Many more videos on the way - Bookmark Now

      Video Sections and Descriptions

 Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case Videos (Casey, Cindy, George, Lee, Caylee)

 Click to go to the Casey & Caylee Marie Anthony Videos Section At last count, well over 200 videos detailing the events surrounding the tragic homicide of Caylee Marie Anthony from Orlando, Florida. There is no end in sight as continue to keep our subscribers informed with the latest Casey Anthony news, updates and scores of other information related to the case. Videos include the original 911 calls, the 911 calls Cindy and Casey made about the protesters, jail house phone calls between Casey and Cindy and Casey and Lee plus the lost jailhouse visit between Casey and her parents, George and Cindy, a phone call from a so-called high school friend, videos about the mayhem outside the Anthony home - the protesters and clashes between Cindy, George, Lee and the protesters, videos clips of Caylee in happier times - dancing, Christmas, her first birthday party, swimming in her backyard pool - the last known video of Caylee Marie Anthony visiting her great grandfather plus many others.

All of the police interview audio tapes are available on video through Nifter Media's YouTube Channel including, George Anthony's police interview, Cindy Anthony's interview, Lee's police interrogation interview, the FBI interviews of George and Cindy, Casey's interviews at home and at Universal Studios, the interview with Tony Lazzaro, Casey's former boyfriend, two interviews with Tony Grund, another of Casey's boyfriends, video reports from Jose Baez, Casey's attorney and Mark Nejame, former lawyer for Cindy and George Anthony and even a special video that contains Casey speaking only, created by removing the voices of the officers in the police interview held at her home.

We have recently uploaded all of the police audio interviews of Casey Anthony's friends and family which includes, the police interview of Brittany Schieber, the audio interview of the Anthony's next door neighbour, Brian Burner, another with Karen Angel, an employee of the nursing home where Casey Anthony's grandfather lives, the Troy Brown interview - a friend of Casey Anthony, a very interesting police audio interview with Amy Huizenga, former close friend of Casey and also the woman who Casey stole checks from, the police interview of Shirly Plesea, Casey's grandmother and an interview with Ricardo Morales, former boyfriend of Casey Anthony.

As you can see, the list is extensive and as complete a collection of videos about the Caylee Marie Anthony case as you are likely to find. Bookmark Nifter.com now as this is only the beginning of this bizarre homicide case and we'll be keeping you updated with the latest news and updates on Casey Anthony's pre-trial and trial events at all times. All of the YouTube videos will be available on Nifter.com soon, but if there's something you can't find, you can always see all of our videos on Nifter Media's YouTube channesl at any time.

Caylee Marie Anthony Videos
Select this link to go to the main index page for videos about the Caylee Marie / Casey Anthony Homicide Case.

 See them on YouTube

These videos have not yet been uploaded to nifter.com. They are available on Nifter Media's YouTube Account if wish to view this mind-joggling collection.

Nifter Media on YouTube is offering extensive coverage of the Caylee Marie Anthony missing child case. Caylee is a three year old child who went missing from her home in Orlando Florida approximately June 16th. Her mother, Casey Anthony did not report her missing for 31 days. The circumstances surrounding this case and the ongoing action outside the Anthony home by protesters and so on has got the attention of people around the world. For extensive video coverage, including many video clips of Caylee Marie herself, visit our YouTube channel.

Related link: www.youtube.com/niftermedia

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