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Free Video Editing Tools & Resources - Video Clips, Title Bacgrounds, Special Effects
Great looking downloadable video clips, title screen backgrounds, static title backgrounds, special effects for Movie Maker including transitions, titles and credits and effects downloads - all free.

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Free Tools & Resources for Video and Movie Makers
This section of our website is dedicated to free tools and resources for those of you who like to create your own videos and movies. (Isn't that just about everyone these days?!) It includes many useful tools that will help you take your movies and videos to the next level, enhancing and polishing them until they shine. There are general video resources that can be used with most video editing software plus specific downloads designed for use with Windows® Movie Maker. If you like finding free special effects downloads for your video and movie making projects, keep an eye on this section.

 Title Screen Add-Ons for Windows Movie Maker Nifter Special Effects, Title Screen Backgrounds and Movie Maker Add-ons
 Windows Movie Maker Animated Title Screens Title Pack 1 Available Now - Limited Time Special Offer
In addition to the free movie making tools below, Nifter.com also offers professional qualit title screen backgrounds and other special effects for videos at almost giveaway prices. These custome effects and backgrounds are a great way to quickly and easily add some high quality pizazz to your videos.

Video Clips for Title Screen Backgrounds
There is no easier way to quickly polish a video than to add come cool title screen backgrounds. They add a professional touch, make your movie more interesting right from the start and are simple and quick to implement. Our title screen backgrounds will work with most Windows® based video editors. Follow this link to preview the Title Packs available now..

Special Effects for Movie Maker
Custom transitions, effects and titles & credits are also available in special packages at prices as low as $2.88 for a Special Effects Pack of five effects! This is the fastest and easiest way to enhance your copy of Windows® Movie Maker. Just click 'Install' and your new Movie Maker effects are ready in seconds. Some of the Special Effects Packs available now include BrightRight (Movie Maker Effects for Vista) and Breakup, five new and cool transitions, also for Movie Maker Vista.

 Free Video and Movie Making Tools & Resources Free Tools to Polish Your Videos and Movies - Video Clips, Title Bacgrounds, Effects

Newest Video Tools & Resources
Below are the latest free tools and resources added to this free downloads area. The newest additions to this section include includes two countdown screens.

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 Free Video and Movie Making Tools & Resources Featured Free Video & Movie Making Resources
Below you will find the most recent video & movie making / editing tools and resources added to this section. You can find an archive of previously featured free downloads starting on this page.

 Windows Movie Maker Resources - Information, Add-Ons, Plug-Ins, Special Effects

Smoky Show   (WMV Video Clip Download)
'Smoky Show' is a title screen background that uses a white title plate (the area your title text will play over) with an animated smoky background. As the clip plays smoke appears areound the title plate giving the screen an interesting look for displaying titles and/or credits in your videos or movies.
Tunnel Loop   (WMV Video Clip Download)
High quality tunnel effect in a looping video clip. Designed in a blue and white color scheme this 'tunnel' has a powerful polished look and the animation is smooth and effective. This video clip could easily be used for a 'light at the end of the tunnel' sequence.
     Smoky Show Title Screen Preview

 Click to Download Free Video Resource Download Smoky Show
9 MB Zip File
     Tunnel Loop Preview Video

 Click to Download Free Video Resource Download Tunnel Loop
3 MB Zip File

Latest Free Static Title Screens (Backgrounds, Add-ons, Plug-ins)
Use these static images as backgrounds for titles and credits screens or for other uses in your video or movie projects. Keep in mind that Desktop Wallpaper images can also make good backgrounds, in fact, some of the title screens in this section are adaptations of wallpapers. They differ from computer wallpaper in that, usually some sort of design or title plate is created in the center of the picture for laying titles and credits over, and, most often we will resize the static title screens to 640 x 480 as that resolution works best for Windows Movie Maker.

Click on an image to view full size in a new window.
To download the free static screens, right-click on an image and choose 'Save...'
Guitarist's Passion
 Free Static Title Screen Background
Title Swirl
 Free Static Title Screen Background

Important Note  The copyright notice on the static title screen images must not be removed. It is important that the copyright be left intact to maintain the integrity of our free services. Without some protection from those who have no qualms about stealing work and claiming it as their own, the free services would quickly decline. We've tried to make the copyright notices relatively obscure so they don't interfere with your production. We and thousands of other users who appreciate the free services of Nifter.com thank you for your co-operation with this small necessity. Your support helps us keep things free.

More Video / Movie Resources

 Title Screen Backgrounds for Movie Makers Archives of Free Featured Videos, Movies Resources
 Title Screen Backgrounds for Movie Makers Title Screen Packs     Title Screen Backgrounds for Movie Makers Title Pack 1

 Nifter.com Tips Windows Movie Maker Tips and Tricks

Make a Permanent Slideshow of Your Favorite Pictures

Article by Mark Simmons - Nifter.com
Copyright © 2009 Nifter.com All Rights Reserved
See end of article for reprint information.

Using Windows Movie Maker you can create beautiful slideshows of your favorite photograhps complete with eye-catching transitions and audio. The best part of all is that it is easy to do. Note that we are assumming you have at least a beginners understanding of Movie Maker for this article. If you've never used the program before, give it a try. It will most likely be on your computer as it ships with newer versions of Windows (XP / Vista) and is an easy program to learn.

You've spent two weeks in the Bahamas, had a great time and took plenty of photos. You love showing them off to friends and family and they love seeing them - those crisp images of beautiful sunsets, beaches, interesting places and people - not to mention finding out what you were up to down there. (At least the parts you took pictures of anyway!) Displaying your pictures in a standard slideshow is fine, but it certainly doesn't have the effect, nor the appeal, a nice presentation with audio can offer. Get those pics into Movie Maker, add some cool transitions and music that relates to the slideshow and you'll have a presentation you can be proud of when family and friends come to take a look. You'll be able to save the entire trip as one movie file and remove all those pictures from your computer, opening up new space in the process. You just can't lose!

How to Proceed With Your Movie Maker Slideshow
The first thing to do is decide how long you would like each picture to be displayed for. The default in Windows Movie Maker is five seconds, but you should give that some thought. If you want to add transitions between the pictures (which you most certainly will) the length of the transition will cut into each picture's display time by about half. For example, if two pictures are being displayed for five seconds each and there is a one second transition between them, each picture will acutally be clearly shown for about 4-1/2 seconds each. This is because, at one second for the transition to to take place, the two pictures will overlap each other (displaying the transition) for that one second thus reducing the display time for each picture by half a second. Sounds confusing, yes, but it's really not of up up give it a second to sink in. Just remember that the transitions you add will cut down on the total length of time the picture is actually clear to the viewer. Adding a few photos with transitions and testing it out - seeing if you like the way it plays - before adding the full load of pictures is always a good idea.

To set a faster moving slideshow while still leaving time to get a decent look at the pictures, a four second image duration with one second transitions works well. To create a slideshow that allows more time to look over each image (without dragging it out too long) a six second picture display with a 1-1/2 second transition time frame looks very nice. Bottom line, choose what you like best while keeping in mind that your friends and family will probably not want to linger over each picture the same way you might. You have memories attached to those pictures; they are just looking at photographs. Show off your pics, but don't make them wish they hadn't come over to visit.

The Audio Track
Selecting the appropriate audio track is more important than you might think. Imagine to going to a friend's house to view a slideshow of their trip to Australia. As images of eye-popping ocean sunsets and serene evenings by the campfire in the outback begin to play, so does 'Y - M - C - A' the disco song from the seventies. Kind of puts an edge on an ocean sunset doesn't it? That may be an extreme case, but to others, music that is harsh to their ears will be just as irritating, in fact, you'll probably find that they come down with the flu just before your next slideshow.

 Who took the picture of the bikini girl on the beach? When you come home from the Movie Theatre, could you list all the different types of music that were played in the film? Unlikely, because the music is not the focus of the event, even though its importance is immense. The film would not be the same without it, but for much of the time, it lays softly in the background creating and shifting moods with never the need to lift its immense head into view. The same can work for your slideshow. You may not want to take the time to find just the right music, but trust in it, as the extra time you take to create something special will have a lasting effect. Those who view your slideshow will go home with a great impression of both your trip, and how you managed to create such a cool display. They may not know why it made them feel good, but you will.

Tip:  Calculate the rough length of your video / slidehow using the number of pictures x's the approximate length each will be shown for. (For example, 20 photos at 5 seconds each = 100 seconds.) With that calculation in mind, try to find music that is about the same length then adjust the slideshow to fit the music. It creates a much more professional feel and having the music and photographs fade away at the same time is definitely a moment that will be remembered.

Don't Be Irritating
One of the most irritating things about home-made videos (which is what your slideshow will actually be) is the fact that so many people have no problem abruptly cutting off the end and bringing the movie to a close in a jarring fashion. No matter how well done the main video was, you're left feeling cheated, and your impression of the video as a whole - not to mention the video creator - is less than stellar, to say the least. A video that starts in the same fashion is equally annoying. The number of videos on YouTube that begin with someone speaking - in the middle of a sentence! - is astounding. This problem is not going to bring the world crashing down, but if it's your video slideshow that begins like that, no doubt your viewers will be snickering before they see the first good shot of the bikini girl on the beach someone's husband or boyfriend 'accidentally' took.

One of the advantages of using Movie Maker to create a slideshow is that you can add a nice introduction and ending sequence, before and after the slideshow. This is especially nice if you're creating a video of important events, such as weddings. The point here is to do your best to create a video with a start, middle and end that presents reasonably well. It makes a huge difference. No one will argue that fussing for weeks over a slideshow of your vacation may be considered a little extreme, but at the same time, taking the time to do it right is always worth it. Remember that you may be watching the video 30 years from now, and when that time comes, you'll be happy you did it right.

Article Reprint Information
This article may be reprinted on your website under the following conditions:
1. The author's name must appear with the article.
2. The copyright notice must appear with the article.
2. A link to Nifter.com must be provided with the website name, Nifter.com, as part of the link text.

Article by Mark Simmons of Nifter.com
Copyright © 2009 Nifter.com All Rights Reserved

To create the copyright sign, hold down the ALT key and press 0169

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