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Facts, Information, History, Trivia, Myths in Multimedia

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Nifter iFacts    Jump to the iFacts list

Nifter.com's iFacts (interesting facts) are a collection of trivia, facts and information about various subjects. The iFacts articles vary in length from short trivia or facts based presentations to extensive, informative reference type pieces, sometimes in-depth enough to require a few pages of information or more. iFacts are displayed on a content-related basis; the iFact that appears on a specific page will be related in some manner to the content of that page.

The Nifter iFacts Collection was started to enhance our visitor's (yours!) experience at Nifter.com. Besides doing our utmost to provide you with the free multimedia project resources you want and need, we wanted to take it a step further; the Nifter Media Group is not an organization that will settle for average! We want you to have that something extra and it is our hope that the iFacts Collection of trivia, useful information and hard-core facts will be part of that experience for you. It's not the only extra at Nifter.com of course, but anything we can do to enhance your stay will certainly be done, and again, the iFacts Collection is one piece of the package.

Here are a couple of examples of how iFacts are used:
On one of our free sound effects pages we present an iFact about the audio effects used in Star Wars. As you can easily see, the Star Wars iFact is directly related to the page content, in this case, free sound effects. Another good example is our four part Amazing Space Glossery of Astronomy Terms. This is a four part informative piece as presented by NASA and is not only useful for entertainment purposes; this article could easily be used as a factual information or space trivia resource besides. This glossery of astronomy terms is spread over four pages of Sky, Space, Galaxy and Solar System type computer wallpapers and is a good example of a more extensive iFact.

We will try to offer as many iFacts as possible throughout the site. If you have any suggestions we are always happy to hear comments from our visitors.

We hope you enjoy these interesting and informative articles and tivia pieces - the iFacts Collection - and that they help make your visit to Nifter.com an experience you enjoy.

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The iFacts Index
Below is a list of the Nifter iFacts found on site. This list is updated with each new iFact (interesting facts) we add to the site. Each iFact is related in some manner to the content of the page it resides on.

Reading the iFacts List
The list is pretty straight-forward. The titles you see listed below are links to the iFacts locations (pages) on Nifter.com. If an iFact appears on the website more than once, the alternate locations where the iFact can be found are marked by numbers in parenthesis, for example (2) (3) etc. If an iFact is split into sections (because of length) the subsequent sections of the iFact article are listed as Part 2. Part 3 and so on.

    iFacts Index
  1. Stereo Music
  2. Video Game Sound Effects
  3. The Sound Effects of Star Wars
  4. The Tarzan Yell
  5. Castle Thunder (Sound Effect)
  6. Effects Pedals
  7. Interesting Facts about Cartoons
  8. More Interesting Facts about Cartoons
  9. Homer Simpson Trivia, Facts and Information   (2)
  10. The Simpsons Television Show Characters
  11. Looney Tunes Cartoons Television Show
  12. Bugs Bunny Facts and Trivia Part 1 of 2
  13. Bugs Bunny Facts and Trivia Part 2 of 2
  14. Daffy Duck Facts and Information
  15. Daffy Duck in the 1960's and Today
  16. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Porky Pig
  17. Porky Pig Trivia, Facts and Information
  18. Computer Desktop Wallpaper   (2)   (3)
  19. (Shopping Malls) Facts About Products, Advertising and Inventions Part 1 of 2
  20. (Shopping Malls) Interesting Facts About Products, Advertising and Inventions Part 2 of 2
  21. Elmer Fudd Facts and Trivia - Elmer Was an Egghead (Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies Character)
  22. Elmer Fudd - From Egghead to Elmer and Other Facts (Elmer Fudd's Film Roles and the Different Elmer's)
  23. About the History of Television (TV History, Facts & Trivia)
  24. The Top Ten Television Theme Songs of All Time   (2)   (3)
  25. Amazing Space Glossary of Astronomy Terms from NASA Part 1 of 4
  26. Amazing Space Glossary of Astronomy Terms (NASA) Part 2 of 4
  27. Amazing Space Glossary of Astronomy Terms (NASA) Part 3 of 4
  28. Amazing Space Glossary of Astronomy Terms (NASA) Part 4 of 4
  29. Solar System Facts and Trivia
  30. The Formation of Stars in Space - How a Star is Born
  31. Part 1 of 3
  32. The Formation of Stars in Space - How a Star is Born
  33. Part 2 of 3
  34. The Formation of Stars in Space - How a Star is Born
  35. Part 3 of 3
  36. The Simpsons Television Show Animated Series - The First Year
  37. List of Popular Characters from The Simpsons Television Show
  38. Facts, Information and Trivia About the Movie 'Australia' (2008 - Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe)   (2)   (3)
  39. Computer Icons - A Brief History and Further Information
  40. The Development and History of Color Television Part 1 of 2
  41. The Development and History of Color Television Part 2 of 2
  42. A Look at Computer Art and its Development
  43. About Multimedia - Characteristics, Terminology, Word Usage and Context
  44. The Earliest Automobiles (History of the Automobile)
  45. The Most Popular Muscle Cars from the Past
  46. History, Information and Facts about YouTube   (Appears on many of the Casey & Caylee Anthony Videos pages.)
  47. History of the Happy Birthday Song  (Happy Birthday Songs, Music, Instrumentals)
  48. About Sound Waves - Interesting Information and Facts About Sound Waves
  49. About the Speed of Sound - Interesting Facts About The Speed Of Sound   (2)
  50. Extensive List of Weather Terms with Explanations (Part 1 of 6)   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6
  51. The History and Other Information About Windows Movie Maker  (2)
  52. The TIFF Image File Format - General and Technical Information   (*.tif / *.tiff)
  53. Timeline of Events in the Casey Anthony & Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case
  54. A Look Into the Organization of the United States Air Force
  55. Interesting Facts, Trivia and Useful Information About the Alphabet and Letters
  56. Animal Facts - Strange, Funny, Interesting Facts and Trivia About Animals
  57. The History of Clip Art - Clipart Images History - Clipart Facts & Trivia - Computer Cliparts - Part 1  (Part 2)
  58. The Comic Strip - Interesting Information about Comic Strips Around the World
  59. Myths, Facts and Information About the JPEG Image
  60. A Basic Overview of Website Templates, their Design, Uses and Other Elements
  61. Real Print Examples of Some of the Most Popular Fonts Used on Computers Today
  62. Information, History and Facts About the 1960's Rock Group, The Animals
  63. The Beatles and The Cavern Club - Brian Epstein and a New Record Contract
  64. A Look at the Formation and Early History of America's Band, The Beach Boys
  65. Information, Facts and the Animated Characters from the South Park Television Series
  66. Interesting Facts About The Simpsons Television Show
  67. The Simpsons Television Show - About, the First Year and Popular Characters from the Series
  68. Information About The Road Runner and Wile E Coyote - Looney Tunes Cartoons
  69. The Loveable Canary - An Introduction to Tweety Bird from Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes Cartoons
  70. Creedance Clearwater Revival - History and Facts About the Band Known as CCR
  71. Backing Tracks - Information About and Common Uses For Backing Tracks Music
  72. The Legend of Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Will Never Be the Same Again
  73. Abstract Art - Information about An Interesting and Unique Art Form, The Abstract Design
  74. 201 Interesting, Strange and Funny Facts About Animals of the World

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