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Windows Movie Maker Transitions - 'Breakup' Transition Effects Pack
Unique transitions for Movie Maker Vista. Download 5 new transition effects - Breakup!

Home > Free Multimedia Files > Windows Movie Maker Home > 'Breakup' Transitions Effects Pack

Windows Movie Maker Transitions - Breakup Transition Effects Pack
Add some pizzaz to your videos with these cool, new transitions

 Transitions for Windows Movie Maker Vista 5 Unique Transitions plus 5 Exclusive Bonus Effects Included

Eye-catching transitions are one of the easiest ways to make your videos shine and leave your viewers in awe of your work. You can feel the pride already, knowing you took the steps to transform your video projects into presentations that are just that much better than those who didn't - and your audience thanks you!

It's so true: often the little things you do bring the biggest results. With transitions being such an important part of video making, adding unique (and very cool!) video transitions like those included in the Breakup Transitions Pack can really boost the overall look of your videos. Watch the preview video below and you'll soon see what we mean. So simple to do, and yet such big results!

Special Offer
Breakup ships with 5 exclusive Bonus Effects!

 Click to jump to the preview of 'Breakup' transition effects pack below

Breakup - New Transition Effects Pack for Movie Maker, Vista Version
The transitions pack featured on this page is called Breakup and consists of five, new and unique transition effects for the Vista version of Windows® Movie Maker. The best way to learn about these transitions is to watch the preview below. You can also read on for additional information.

Each of the Breakup transitions is a new and unique display created by Nifter.com. They are used to add special transition effects between images or video clips in your Movie Maker projects and are used just like you would use any other Movie Maker transition.

The transition pack comes with its own installer so there is nothing special you need to do or know to get your new transitions up and running quickly. (Installation takes mere seconds!) After downloading the transitions pack you simply click 'Install' in the included installer and your new transitions will be ready to go almost instantly. It's really that simple! Open Windows Movie Maker and you will the Breakup transitions waiting for you to put them to use.

What's Included in the 'Breakup' Transition Effects Pack

- 5 Transitions for Windows Movie Maker
     - Quartette
     - TurnOver
     - FlipNFade
     - SplitWave
     - DoubleShift

- Installer - Installs the five transitions to Movie Maker
- ReadMe Document - Provides further information regarding the transitions pack

 Title Pack 1 Available Now -  Click to View

We take steps to provide good quality previews but keep in mind they are never as high quality as the real thing.

        'Breakup' Transitions Effects Pack Preview

This is a special, limited time offer.

Breakup Transition Effects Pack is Only $2.88 Today!
Download the 'Breakup' Transitions Package only minutes from now! For the extraordinary price of only $2.88 you can get this exciting transitions pack within minutes. Right after purchasing you will be taken to a location where you can download the package immediately. Once saved to your computer, simply unpack the zip file, run the installer and you're finished. Very quick, very easy and a pretty sweet deal for that price!

Purchase the 'Breakup' Transitions Effect Package Now
There are just a few quick steps to get your new Movie Maker transitions pack.

1 - Agree to the Terms of Sale
2 - Purchase the Transitions Pack
3 - Download to your computer

Step 1 - Agree to the Terms of Sale
To start your purchase of the transitions package, Breakup, click the button below when you are ready

This transitions pack is intended for the Windows® Vista version of Movie Maker. They are not compatible with versions of Movie Maker on other operating systems, Windows® XP for example. Please do not purchase the transitions to try on incompatible versions of Movie Maker. Again, the transitions in this package are only for Windows® Vista versions of Movie Maker.

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