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Amazing Zoom Effects Pack for Windows Movie Maker - Awesome!
Special zoom effects for the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker.

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 Windows Movie Maker Special Effects Add-ons, Plug-ins

 Zoom Effects for Windows Movie Maker Vista   You can add over 80 new zoom effects and special bonuses to your copy of Movie Maker within minutes of now. Everything is installed for you in one simple step! Read on to learn more and watch a preview video of this exclusive, Nifter.com special effects package...

80+ Zoom Effects for Windows® Movie Maker - Vista Version
Are you ready to rock?!! This is quite possibly the most exciting effects pack for Movie Maker anywhere! Special zoom effects are a staple of professional, eye-catching videos; now you too can easily add outstanding zooming features to your own projects using only Windows Movie Maker and the Nifter Zoom Effects package. You can imagine the pride you'll feel showing off your impressive videos to an awe-struck audience. And if you like to upload videos to YouTube or other video sharing websites, you can expect your viewers to start raving about your outstanding videos with their awesome new effects!

  Installation takes only seconds and is fully automated for you.

About the Zoom Effects
Nifter Zoom Effects are used exactly like the built-in Movie Maker effects. You simply add them to images or video clips the same way you add effects to Movie Maker clips now. Each zoom effect begins its zoom, or movement, at the beginning of a clip and reaches its end position at the end of a clip. This allows you to adjust the speed of a zoom effect by changing the length of the clip. A short clip will have a fast zoom effect. A long clip will have a slower zoom effect. There are also "Hold" effects that will keep a clip in any of the available positions without zooming in or out. This keeps a clip in the position you have zoomed to, or, can be used for non-zooming close-up shots.

  After installing the Nifter Zoom Effects pack, over 80 new zoom effects plus 6 bonus effects will be available in Movie Maker's effects list. Installation takes only seconds and is fully automated for you. You can have all of the special effects listed below in your copy of Movie Maker in a matter of minutes from now!

Nifter Zoom Effects - Explanation of Categories and List of Effects
The Zoom Effects are divided into three categories: Zoom, Pan and ClipZoom. Here is an outline what each category of zoom effects does. We will use the word "clip" to signify an image or video clip used in Movie Maker:

    1 - Zoom
  • This collection of effects allows you to zoom in and out within the boundries of a clip proper. You can move in for close-up shots, zooming in just a little (1/8) to all the way into the center of the clip (Zero) where the viewer sees virtually nothing at all. (Zooming all the way in, or visa versa, creates a very cool effect when changing from one clip to another.) There are six positions used for zooming in and out towards the center of a clip: Full (full clip), 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and all the way in, or Zero. You can zoom in and out from any position to any other position or mix and match them any way you please. For example, you could zoom from Full to 3/4, then zoom from 3/4 to 1/8, then jump to 1/2 and zoom to Zero and so forth. Each 'zoom' is a separate effect so they can be arranged in any order you please.

    Each position also has a "hold" effect where the zoom is held in that position without moving. 1/2 Hold, for example, would display a clip zoomed in at 1/2 for a static close-up shot, without any moving zoom effect. The "Hold" effects are used to maintain a position after you have zoomed into it, (if that's what you want), or, can be used for close-ups of a clip without any moving zoom effect. (Very handy!) You can easily perform multiple zooms on the same clip by adding the clip to Movie Maker as many times as you need and creating a different zoom effect for each clip.
    2 - Pan
  • The Pan Effects provide four new methods of panning into clips and some focused zoom effects. Pan in from the top, bottom, left or right, panning into a full clip view with a smooth, sweeping motion.

    The focused zoom effects will let you zoom into the top, bottom, left and right of your Movie Maker clips. There are five Zoom Top effects, each moving into the top of a clip closer than the previous one, two Zoom Bottom effects and the left and right focused zooms. These effects are amazingly handy to have around, especially for close-up shots of people where the head is usually near the top of the picture. With 5 Zoom Top effects you can frame the head perfectly, and even zoom in for close-ups of the eyes!
    3 - ClipZoom
  • ClipZoom moves the entire clip as a whole object out of and into full view of the video player. As with the Zoom Effects (#1 above), ClipZoom uses specific positions that you can move (zoom) the clip into and out of. Positions available in ClipZoom are Full (full clip), 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and Zero, or all the way out until the clip disappears. This is probably best understood by watching the preview video below, but if you can imagine a clip moving away from full screen, getting smaller as it goes, you should understand how this works. For example, at the 3/4 position, the clip takes up about 3/4 of the video player screen, having zoomed from a full clip to a 3/4 sized clip to acheive this awesome effect.

    Using "Zoom" and "ClipZoom" together gives you complete control over clip zooms. A clip can be taken from a full-on close-up shot to a clip that disappears into the center of the screen - taking advantage of the many positions in between or not. This is also true in reverse, of course, where a clip can be zoomed from a tiny mark in the center of the screen until it comes into full view and then on to a close-up, as deep as you wish. Again, the preview video may help you understand this better if it is not clear. Just remember that you will have some very cool zooming features giving you a ton of options for clip zooms once this package has been added to your Vista version of Movie Maker.
All of the above effects are included in the Nifter Zoom Effects Pack. Over 80 special zoom effects plus a bonus of 6 more special effects for your Vista version of Windows Movie Maker!


Nifter Zoom Effects Preview Video

This video provides a quick demonstration of many of the effects included in the package. Please keep in mind that the video has been compressed for low-bandwidth internet use and is therefore of lower quality than the real thing.

  Click here to jump to the purchase link and Buy Now for just $12.95!

Useful in So Many Ways
The Zoom Effects are useful in so many ways it's impossible to describe them all. One handy feature that is sometimes missed is the fact that zoom effects can be used to change the focus of images and video clips into close-ups without zooming at all. For example, imagine that you have a picture of a car but the car is only a portion of the picture. You don't want to use a moving zoom effect but you want a closer image of the car. Using one of the zoom effects that holds a specific position, "1/2 Hold," for example, (part of the effects package) you can show a close-up of the car in a video without having to do any editing of the picture. Alternatively, of course, you could also zoom into the close-up with a moving zoom effect, but there are times when both methods are useful. Nifter Zoom Effects give you both options. The images below show an example of what is being described:

  Picture example of "holding" a zoom position for close-up shots without editing photos.
 Zoom Effect, Close-up example  Zoom Effect, Close-up example

Ready to Rock? Ready to take your videos to the next level, add professional looking effects with great audience appeal? Literally transform your videos into exciting presentations overnight. You can imagine how much fun you're going to have with these cool zoom effects and your viewing audience is sure to be very impressed with the amazing ways you've enhanced your videos.

"I absolutely love your zoom effects... they've made my videos SO much better there's just no comparison. I'm having an absolute blast with these things, thank you so much." Grant T., California

"Oh my gawd this is so cool! I just installed the zoom effects package and have been trying them out, very cool... I can't even tell you how happy I am I got them... my videos are gonna be awesome!" Kathy Neilson, USA

Here's what you get in the Nifter Zoom Effects Pack:
    1_Nifter Zoom
    Excepting the "Hold" effects, all are action zooms moving from the first position to the next.
  • Full to 1/8
  • Full to 1/4
  • Full to 1/2
  • Full to 3/4
  • Full to Zero
  • 1/8 to Full
  • 1/8 to 1/4
  • 1/8 to 1/2
  • 1/8 to 3/4
  • 1/8 to Zero
  • 1/8 Hold
  • 1/4 to Full
  • 1/4 to 1/8
  • 1/4 to 1/2
  • 1/4 to 3/4
  • 1/4 to Zero
  • 1/4 Hold
  • 1/2 to Full
  • 1/2 to 1/8
  • 1/2 to 1/4
  • 1/2 to 3/4
  • 1/2 to Zero
  • 1/2 Hold
  • 3/4 to Full
  • 3/4 to 1/8
  • 3/4 to 1/4
  • 3/4 to 3/2
  • 3/4 to Zero
  • 3/4 Hold
  • Zero to Full
  • Zero to 1/8
  • Zero to 1/2
  • Zero to 3/4
    2_Nifter Pan
  • Pan In from Left
  • Pan In from Right
  • Pan In from Bottom
  • Pan In from Top
  • Focus Top (1)
  • Focus Top (2)
  • Focus Top (3)
  • Focus Top (4)
  • Focus Top (5)
  • Focus Top (1) Hold
  • Focus Top (2) Hold
  • Focus Top (3) Hold
  • Focus Top (4) Hold
  • Focus Top (5) Hold
  • Focus Top (1) to Full
  • Focus Top (2) to Full
  • Focus Top (3) to Full
  • Focus Top (4) to Full
  • Focus Top (5) to Full
  • Focus Bottom (1)
  • Focus Bottom (2)
  • Focus Bottom (1) Hold
  • Focus Bottom (2) Hold
  • Focus Bottom (1) to Full
  • Focus Bottom (2) to Full
  • Focus Left
  • Focus Right
  • Focus Left Hold
  • Focus Right Hold
  • Focus Left to Full
  • Focus Right to Full
    3_Nifter ClipZoom
  • Full to 3/4
  • Full to 1/2
  • Full to 1/4
  • Full to Zero
  • 3/4 Hold
  • 3/4 to Full
  • 3/4 to 1/2
  • 3/4 to 1/4
  • 3/4 to Zero
  • 1/2 Hold
  • 1/2 to Full
  • 1/2 to 3/4
  • 1/2 to 1/4
  • 1/2 to Zero
  • 1/4 Hold
  • 1/4 to Full
  • 1/4 to 3/4
  • 1/4 to 1/2
  • 1/4 to Zero
  • Zero to 3/4
  • Zero to 1/2
  • Zero to 1/4
  • Zero to Full
  • In and Out
    Bonus Effects Included in This Package
  • Zoom In Special 1
  • Zoom In Special 2
  • Zoom In Special 3
  • Zoom Out Special 1
  • Zoom Out Special 2
  • Zoom Out Special 3
  • Instantly installs all of the above effects into Windows Movie Maker. Run the installer and the effects will be ready to go from Movie Maker's effects list as soon as you open the program.

The Total Effects Count is Over 90 for only $12.95!
Wouldn't you love to have the above list of effects added to your copy of Movie Maker? Who wouldn't?! It can all happen within minutes of now.

With our recent additions to the Nifter Zoom Effects pack and the just released collection of six bonus effects, you now receive about 93 exciting new effects for your Windows Vista version of Movie Maker. All we're asking is $12.95, a small fee that helps defray the many costs involved with creating and maintaining this package, not to mention our other Movie Maker effects and the tens of thousands of free downloads available on Nifter.com.

Download Immediately After Purchase
You will be able to download the complete package as a zip file immediately after purchase. An installer is included that will instantly install all of your new effects into Movie Maker. All you have to do is open Movie Maker and start having a blast with your new collection of zoom effects.

The Fun Begins Now
It's easy to imagine yourself having a blast with such a great collection of new effects like these. The response from customers has been amazing - everyone loves them! There is no easier way to turn hum-drum videos into exciting displays that viewers rave about.

You can pay by credit card or by transfer from your PayPal account. The price is only $12.95 for the complete list of effects above and they will all be installed automatically with the included installer.

To download this exciting package now you will want to click the 'Buy Now' button below, complete the transaction then start your own fun with the Nifter Zoom Effects Pack!


 The most exciting Movie Maker effects package anywhere! Purchase the Nifter Zoom Effects Package for just $12.95
Over 90 Effects Total - Download immediately after purchase!

After you have completed the transaction you will be directed to a location where you can download your new zoom effects package. An automated installer is included with your download. It will install your new effects in seconds. You're going to have a blast with your new zoom effects!

Click the Buy Now button below to add over 90 new effects to your copy of Movie Maker. (Vista)

 Sample image of download link used after purchase of Nifter Zoom Effects
Sample Image
Click 'Buy Now' to Purchase

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