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 Windows Movie Maker Special Effects Add-ons, Plug-ins Windows Movie Maker Special Effects Add-Ons - Very Cool!
Special effects for the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker.

Home > Free Multimedia Files > Windows Movie Maker Home > Special Effects for Movie Maker Vista

 Title Screen Add-Ons for Windows Movie Maker and Other Video Editors Special Effects Packs for Windows® Movie Maker - Vista Version
Below is a list of the unique special effects packages currently available for download. Click on the effects pack that interests you to watch a preview video of the effects in action.

The Movie Maker Special Effects Packs available here were all created by Nifter.com and are not available anywhere else. These exciting add-ons will take your videos to the next level and impress all who watch them. You can easily imagine how great it will be to hear those wonderful comments about your videos and their cool effects. Impress the rest with Nifter's Special Effects plug-ins for Windows® Movie Maker!

About Nifter Effects Packs
Nifter.com creates unique transitions, effects, titles / credits and title screen backgrounds for Windows Movie Maker. (The title screen backgrounds can also be used with other video editing software programs.) The effects packs are designed to be easy to use (most work like any other effect in Movie Maker) with one sole purpose behind them: to enhance the look and feel of your videos and movies, making them stand out from the crowd and impressing your viewers with stunning, exciting videos. The special effects are also often useful for turning less than perfect images and video clips into a presentation that receives outstanding comments. For example, you can often change the impression felt by viewerss to awe-struck from uninspired simply by taking the focus away from those less-than-perfect clips with an exciting effects sequence - using the same clips!

 Effects Package for Windows Movie Maker Special Effects Packs for Windows Movie Maker (Vista)

 BrightRight Effects Pack for Movie Maker BrightRight
The 'BrightRight' Effects Pack adds 20 exciting brightness controls to Movie Maker giving you complete control over the look of the video clips and images used in your video making projects. Turn day into night or night into day, transform a dull video clip into a brilliant display and make your videos shine for your viewers. Many people don't realize that brightness controls are also very useful in combination with other effects to create eye-catching special effects that can't be created any other way. With the BrightRight Effects Pack, you'll be able to take advantage of this little secret and put out some very cool videos that are certain to impress your audience. Here's an example: Use 'BrightRight' to crank up the brightness about 80% and then add the 'sharpen' effect included with Movie Maker. Images and video clips turn into comic book-like pictures that can add real impact to a video sequence. We (Nifter Media) probably use the BrightRight effects pack in our YouTube videos more than any other effect. BrightRight is an extremely useful collection of brightness controls that you will find yourself using time and time again.

 Special Effects for Windows Movie Maker Vista Version Visit this page to watch the BrightRight Preview Video and learn more about this special effects pack for the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker.

 Zoom Special Effects Pack for Windows Movie Maker  Nifter Zoom Effects Pack for Movie Maker Nifter Zoom Effects
"Getting your zoom effects is the smartest thing I've done in a long time... my videos are just awesome now... I honestly can't thank you enough." We received those comments in an email from "Aaron in Chicago" (thank you Aaron!) and his words are a perfect example of the response we are receiving for the Nifter Zoom Effects package. Over 80 zoom effects allow you to create absolutely stunning videos that will amaze your viewers and add real excitement to all your video and movie making projects. Zoom in and out within clips for outstanding close-ups and cool, animated effects or move entire clips as whole objects, zooming the entire clip farther away and closer to the video frame. Combine both and you have complete control of the zooming of Movie Maker clips; you are certain to be astounded at what can easily be accomplished with this neat package of special zoom effects. Also included are unique panning effects that provide the ability to slide into a clip from the left, right, top and bottom plus zoom to and focus on the same areas. In fact, there are actually five "Zoom Top" effects and two "Zoom Bottom" designed for those very special areas of images and video clips. There is no way we could possibly explain all the amazing things you can do with these effects. Your imagination is truly the limit, and when combined with the built-in Movie Maker effects and other Nifter.com effects packs... wow! You will soon be a member of the outstanding video-makers club!

Bonus Effects
We call the Nifter Zoom Effects package an extreme pack because of its large effects count and the bonus effects we've included. When you download the Nifter Zoom Effects Pack you also receive six very cool intro and outro zoom effects for blasting clips in and out of the screen. You're going to love it!

 Movie Maker Effects Pack - Zoom Effects Visit this page to watch the Zoom Effects Preview Video. This truly awesome effects package for the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker will completely change the appearance of your videos and leave your viewers in awe of your impressive presentations. Get ready to rock!

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