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20 New Brightness Control Effects for Movie Maker Vista
Windows Movie Maker Effects - 'BrightRight' Effects Pack for Vista

Home > Free Multimedia Files > Windows Movie Maker Home > Movie Maker Effects > BrightRight Effects Pack

 Windows Movie Maker Special Effects Add-ons, Plug-ins

Windows Movie Maker Effects - 'BrightRight' Effects Pack
Take control of your Movie Maker clips with precise brightness handling effects.

20 Brightness Controls plus Bonus Effects for Movie Maker Vista 20 Brightness Controls plus 5 Bonus Effects Included

The BrightRight effects pack may well be one of the most useful effects collections you ever add to your copy of Windows Movie Maker. BrightRight provides the ability to increase or decrease brightness from 10% to 100%. Turn dull videos into bright displays, turn the same clip into light and dark flashes for special effects features, slightly darken a clip to make white text more easily readable for viewers then return the clip to its normal brightness... the uses for the BrightRight effects pack are many, but the bottom line is this: you finally have control over the appearance of video clips and images with this collection of effects at your fingertips. You will find yourself using them time and time again as you quickly realize how much difference precise bright and darkness controls really do make in video presentations.

Special Offer!
BrightRight now ships with 5 exclusive Bonus Effects!

• Chaotic ZoomIn 1
• Chaotic ZoomIn 2
• Chaotic ZoomIn 3
• Chaotic ZoomIn 4
• Chaotic ZoomIn 5

See the preview video for a demonstration of the bonus effects

 Click to jump to the preview of the 'BrightRight' effects pack below

Automatic Installation - Ready to Go in Seconds!
The effects pack comes with its own installer so there is nothing special you need to do or know to get your new effects up and running quickly. After downloading the effects pack you simply open the installer, click 'Install' and your new effects will be ready to go in a matter of seconds. It's really that simple! Open Windows Movie Maker and your new collection of 20 brightness controls and 5 bonus effects will be there waiting for you in Movie Maker's effects list.

        Special Effects Pack for Movie Maker Vista Included in the 'BrightRight' Effects Pack:

     - 20 Brightness Controls (Effects) for Movie Maker Vista
     - Brightness Up 10%
     - Brightness Up 20%
     - Brightness Up 30%
     - Brightness Up 40%
     - Brightness Up 50%
     - Brightness Up 60%
     - Brightness Up 70%
     - Brightness Up 80%
     - Brightness Up 90%
     - Brightness Up 100%

     - Brightness Down 10%
     - Brightness Down 20%
     - Brightness Down 30%
     - Brightness Down 40%
     - Brightness Down 50%
     - Brightness Down 60%
     - Brightness Down 70%
     - Brightness Down 80%
     - Brightness Down 90%
     - Brightness Down 100%
    5 Bonus Effects (Available in the BrightRight Effects Pack only - See preview below)
  • Chaotic ZoomIn 1
  • Chaotic ZoomIn 2
  • Chaotic ZoomIn 3
  • Chaotic ZoomIn 4
  • Chaotic ZoomIn 5

     - Installer - Automatically installs the 20 brightness effects plus
       the 5 bonus effects into Movie Maker's effects list

     - ReadMe Document - Provides further information regarding the
       effects package, installation instructions etc.

Ryan's Testimonial
A while back we received an email from a fellow named Ryan who had some questions about the BrightRight effects pack. As we exchanged emails we learned that Ryan was not convinced he would use brightness controls very often, although he purchased BrightRight anyway because of the low price, $2.88, and he wanted the bonus effects regardless. We suggested to Ryan that he may have preconceived ideas about brightness effects; since Movie Maker only ships with 2 brightness controls (Brightness Increase and Brightness Decrease) he may have delevoped the impression that brightness effects were not that useful, after all, the two that ship with Movie Maker rarely are. On the other hand, being able to fine tune brightness from 10 to 100%, both lighter and darker, might change his mind about the whole matter. With such a wide range of brightness control - from a 100% increase to a 100% decrease, you can even create special effects with them. Here are some excerpts from the last email Ryan sent us:

"I've had the brightness effects for a few weeks now and I finally have to admit you were right... I use them in most of my videos, didn't think I would, but, once I saw how much difference it makes to freshen up crappy clips etc, I found myself using them all the time. Cranking up the brightness on those LQ web vids makes a huge difference (looks way better) and I now see what you mean about creating special effects with bright and dark clip flashes and the other stuff you talked about... Okay, so you win. LOL Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I figured for $2.88 I might as well have them (and I know you know I was secretly after the bonus effects LOL) but now that I see much I will use them, turns out I got a steal. :-) Please don't forget to let me know when new effects come out, like I said before, I'm a Movie Maker addict! Thanks again." Ryan B.

BrightRight Preview
Watch a preview of the 'BrightRight' Movie Maker effects pack and the 5 bonus effects that are included in the package.

'BrightRight' Effects Pack Preview
Please Note: The demonstration of the bonus effects in the preview video shows each effect twice. A slower display is shown first, then the same effect is shown again at a faster rate. (As with most effects, speed is controlled by clip length.)

Important: This is a special, limited time offer. $2.88 is the total price for everything until you see it change on this page.

Today the BrightRight Effects Pack is Only $2.88!
Download the 'BrightRight' Effects Package only minutes from now! For the extraordinary price of only $2.88 you can get this exciting package plus the bonus effects within minutes. Immediately after the purchase transaction has been completed, you will be directed to a location where you can download the package. Once you do that, simply unpack the zip file, run the installer and you're finished. Very quick, very easy and a pretty sweet deal all around!

 Brightness Controls Effects Package including Bonus Effects - Special: $2.88! Purchase the BrightRight Effects Pack for just $2.88
20 Brightness Effects plus 5 Bonus Effects - Download immediately after purchase!

After you have completed the transaction you will be directed to a location where you can download your new effects package. An automated installer is included with your download. It will install your new effects in seconds.

Click the Buy Now button below to add 20 Brightness Effects and 5 Bonus Effects to your copy of Movie Maker. (Vista)

 Sample image of download link used after purchase of the BrightRight Effects Pack
Sample Image
Click 'Buy Now' to Purchase
This package is intended for the Vista version of Windows Movie Maker. The effects will not work on the XP or other versions.

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