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Ask the Magic 8 Ball Online Game - Sarcastic Answers
Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball answers Yes or No questions with attitude.

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Ask the Magic 8 Ball
Ask questions that require a Yes or No answer
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 Free Content The Magic 8 Ball Online Game Want to Add the Magic 8 Ball to Your Website?
Add the full Ask the Magic 8 Ball game to your website or link to this page for a maintenence-free way to let your visitors play.

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 Magic 8 Ball Game - Cool Tools Ask The Magic 8 Ball Online Game Answers Your Tough Questions
It's been around forever, in fact you may have owned the Mattel Magic 8 Ball Game yourself, yet many of us still love to play the Magic 8 Ball Game and get answers to questions by letting the mysterious 8 ball make decisions for us. It's all in fun, of course, and used for entertainment purposes only, but that doesn't stop us from wondering what answer we will get the next time we Ask the Magic 8 Ball our toughest, yes or no, decision-making questions.

The Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball with Attitude
The Magic 8 Ball that resides on this page is a little out of the ordinary. When you ask Magic 8 Ball questions, you might get sarcastic Magic 8 Ball answers, and you will almost certainly get a piece of its attitude. It's not our fault; it has a mind of its own and we take no responsibility for what it may say to you. Have no fear, it's not too mean, but it does speak with a sarcastic, edgy tone that really makes you wonder about its mental stability. Bottom line, the Magic 8 Ball is just not very good at controlling itself, and his attitude stinks! Maybe it rolled off the wrong side of the pool table or something - no one seems to know. Go ahead and ask the Magic 8 Ball those Yes or No decision-type questions, but don't be surprised if it has a lot to say, and more often than not, says it with attitude and a little sarcasm whenever it gets the chance.

Play the Magic 8 Ball Online or Add it to Your Website Free
The Magic 8 Ball Game is fun for all; if you'd like to share it with your own website visitors, we'll provide you with the items you need to make it happen. Go to this page to download the zip file containing instructions and everything you need to add the Magic 8 Ball to your website.


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