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Free Website Content - Ask the Magic 8 Ball Online Game
Attract visitors and add some fun to your website with a free Magic 8 Ball Game.

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 Free Website Content

Ask the Magic 8 Ball Online Game - Free Website Content
To view the Magic 8 Ball in operation click here to open in this window or choose this link to view in a new window.

 Try the Magic 8 Ball Online Nifter.com's Ask the Magic 8 Ball is a JavaScript-coded online game that is easy to add to your website. Everything needed to add the game to your site is included in one zip file, as well as full instructions for getting the Magic 8 Ball operational on your site.

Ask the Magic 8 Ball is free to use on your website as long as the 'Powered by Nifter.com' image is posted along with it and functions as a link to Nifter.com. The code you add to your website is already set up this way to conform to the copyright and distribution agreement. More information about this requirment is included with the instructions.

That's it! In no time at all your website visitors will be able to play this unique version of the Magic 8 Ball game. Expect to attract new traffic to your website, and perhaps just as important, your site visitors will now be able to have just a little more fun than the last time they came around, and will probably come back time and time again to find out the weird and wonderful things this crazy 8 ball is up to now.
Note: You may want to bookmark this page... from time to time we will be updating the answers the Magic 8 Ball gives, for example, adding more answers. When updates become available they will be listed under this paragraph. At this time there are no new updates as the Magic 8 Ball is a new feature.

Download the Magic 8 Ball Free Website Content Zip File
Right-click on the image or text link below and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on your web browser) then choose a location on your computer to save the Magic 8 Ball zip file.
 Download the Magic 8 Ball Web Content Zip File
Download the Magic 8 Ball Web Content Zip

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