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Page 1 of Free Weather Sound Effects Downloads
Home > Free Sound Effects Categories > Weather Sound Effects

Weather Recordings, Sound Effects and Audio Clips
Audio clips in the weather sound effects section include storms - hurricanes, tornados - soft rainfall, hard rain, pounding rain, rain on rooftops, flowing water, rivers, waterfalls, thunder booms and thunder claps, thunder and rain combination recordings such as thunderstorms, windy weather, wind howling, winds screeching, wind blowing sand, wind chimes (windchimes) ringing out in the weather, weather warnings like foghorns and emergency weather warnings, drips, drops and dripping water, heavy ocean surf, crashing waves and other weather-related sounds, noises and audio recordings. All of the sound clips are totally free downloadable audio files. We hope you enjoy them.

The free sound effects downloads below are all 'wave' (*.wav) or MP3 (*.mp3) files unless otherwise specified.

How to Save the Free Weather Sounds to Your Computer
When you find a sound you like, right-click on the sound effect text link and choose 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' (depending on the web browser you are using) then select the location where you would like to save the free audio clip to on your computer.

Weather Sound Effects Page 1

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Thunder Clap Sound Dripping Sound Drops Falling in Waterv
Foghorn Weather Warning Sound Effect Foghorn 2 Audio Clip Sound of Heavy Ocean Surf
Heavy Rain Sound Loop Hurricane Sound Effects Hurricane MP3 File
Another Hurricane Recording Key Chimes Ringing (*.aiff File) Light Rain Loop
Ocean - Waves Download Pounding Raindrops Rain Audio Clip - Free Downloadable Sound Effects

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The iFacts Collection - Interesting Page Related Content
Nifter.com iFacts

iFact #47 - Extensive List of Weather Terms - Weather Related Terminology / Jargon

This list of weather and weather-related terms is very extensive; therefore we have divided it into managable sections - six in total. They have been spread out over the weather sound effects pages. If you wish to follow this article on weather terms and terminology information the links below will help make navigation easier. Alternatively, the weather terms and information list follows the weather sound effects pages, for example, page one of weather sound effects also holds part one of the weather terminology list, page two has part two and so on and so forth.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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List of Weather Terms / Terminology Explanations - Part 1 of 6

Absolute Instability
The condition of air that has an environmental lapse rate that is greater than the dry adiabatic rate (1°C per 100 meters).

Absolute Stability
The condition of air that has an environmental lapse rate that is less than the wet adiabatic rate.

Absolute Zero
The zero point on the Kevin temperature scale, representing the temperature at which all molecular motion is presumed to cease.

Acid Precipitation
Rain or snow with a pH value that is less than the value for uncontaminated rain.

Adiabatic Temperature Change
The cooling or warming of air caused when air is allowed to expand or is compressed, not because heat is added or subtracted.

Horizontal convective motion (wind).

Advection Fog
Fog formed when warm moist air is blown over a cool surface and chilled below- the dew point.

Tiny solid and liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere.

A device that resembles a wind vane with a propeller at one end. Used to indicate wind speed and direction.

A mixture of many discrete gases, of which nitrogen and oxygen are most abundant, in which vaning quantities of tiny solid and liquid particles are suspended.

Air Mass

A large body of air, usually 1600 diameters or more across, that is characterized by homogeneous physical properties at any given altitude.

Air-Mass Thunderstorm
A localized thunderstorm that forms in a warm, moist, unstable air mass. Most frequent in the afternoon in spring and summer. Air-Mass Weather
The conditions experienced in an area as an air mass passes over it. Because air masses are large and relatively homogeneous, air-mass weather will be fairly constant and may last for several days.

Air Pollutants
Airborne particles and gases occurring in concentrations that endanger the health and well-being of organisms or disrupt the orderly functioning of the environment

Air Pressure
The force exerted by the weight of a column of air above a given point.

The reflection of a substance. usually expressed as a percentage of the incident radiation reflected. (in weather, it is the reflection of sunlight off the surface of the planet back in to space)

Aleutian Low
A large cell of low’ pressure centered over the Aleutian Islands of the North Pacific during the winter.

An aneroid barometer calibrated to indicate altitude instead of pressure.

Altitude (of the Sun)
The angle of the Sun above the horizon (sun angle). Analog Method
A statistical approach to weather forecasting in which current conditions are matched with records of similar past weather events with the idea that the succession of events in the past will be paralleled by current conditions.

An instrument used to determine wind speed. Aneroid Barometer An instrument for measuring air pressure: it consists of evacuated metal chambers that are very sensitive to variations in air pressure.

Annual Mean Temperature
A average of the 12 monthly means.

Annual Temperature Range
The difference between the warmest and coldest monthly means.

An area of high atmospheric pressure characterized by diverging and rotating winds and subsiding air aloft.

Anticyclonic Flow
Winds blow out and flow clockwise about an anticlonic high in the Northern Hemisphere, and the blow out and flow counterclockwise about an anticlone in the Southern Hemisphere.

The point in the orbit of a planet that is farthest from the Sun.

Apparent Temperature
The air temperature perceived by a person.

Arctic (A) Air Mass
A bitterly cold air mass that forms over the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Sea Smoke
A dense and often extensive steam fog occurring over high-latitude ocean areas in winter.

See Desert.

The gaseous portion of a planet, the planet’s envelope of air; one of the traditional subdivisions of Earth’s physical environment.

Atmospheric Window
Refers to the fact that the troposphere is transparent (i.e. does not absorb) to terrestrial radiation between 8 and 12 micrometers in length.

A bright and ever changing display of light caused by solar radiation interacting with the upper atmosphere in the region of the poles. It is called aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and aurora australis in the Southern Hemisphere.

Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS)
A widely used, standardized set of automated weather instruments that provide routine surface observations. (less accurate than conventional measurements)

Azores High
Name given the subtropical anticyclone when it is situated over the eastern part of the N orth Atlantic Ocean.

Backing Wind Shift
A wind shift in a counterclockwise direction, such as a shift from east to north.

A recording barometer.

Beaufort Scale
A scale that can he used for estimating wind speed when an anemometer is not available.   Bergeron Process
A theory that relates the formation of precipitation to supercooled clouds, freezing nuclei, arid the different saturation levels of ice and liquid water.

Bermuda High
Name given the subtropical high in the North Atlantic during the summer when it is centered near the island of Bermuda.

Bimetal Strip
A thermometer consisting of two thin strips of metal welded together and that have widely different coefficients of thermal expansion. When temperature changes, the two metals expand or contract unequally and cause changes in the curvature of the element. Commonly used in thermographs.

The totality of life forms on Earth.

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