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Make Your Own Facebook Bumper Stickers - Free Online Tool
Easily create custom bumper sticker pictures for your Facebook profile.

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Automatically Generate Cool Bumper Stickers for Facebook
The Bumper Sticker Cool Tool below let's you make awesome Bumper Stickers that you can add to your Facebook profile. Choose a picture background, add some cool text and your new bumper sticker will be ready to download in seconds.

How To Create Bumper Stickers for Facebook Online
Our free online Bumper Sticker Maker makes it easy! Just follow the simple instructions below to generate your very own custom bumper stickers. Each Bumper Sticker will be made at the size and dimensions recommended by Facebook. Your Facebook friends will love them!  

Free Online Bumper Sticker Creator  (Beta) Share on Facebook

Follow the step by step instructions below to quickly make customized bumper stickers. Your bumper stickers will be created in the proper dimensions for use on Facebook, i.e., 170x200 pixels.

The background samples below have been made smaller for better screen-fit. Click on a sample to view at full size in a new window.

BETA Version
This is an early release - the Beta version - of our Bumper Sticker Creator which simply means that testing and changes are still being implemented. We hope you enjoy what we've done so far.
 Free Online Meta Tag Generator - Cool Tools
Step 1 Facebook Bumper Stickers Generator Step 1 - Select a Background for Your Bumper Sticker

      Solid Colors - Bumper Sticker Backgrounds Solid Colors   • Textures   • Pictures
 White Bumper Sticker Background
 Black Bumper Sticker Background
 Red Bumper Sticker Background
 Blue Bumper Sticker Background
 Green Bumper Sticker Background
 Gray Bumper Sticker Background
 Orange Bumper Sticker Background
 Brown Bumper Sticker Background
 Dark Red Bumper Sticker Background
 Dark Blue Bumper Sticker Background
Dark Blue
 Dark Green Bumper Sticker Background
Dark Green
 Dark Gray Bumper Sticker Background
Dark Gray
 Blue-Gray Bumper Sticker Background
 Yellow Bumper Sticker Background
 Pink Bumper Sticker Background
 Purple Bumper Sticker Background
 Light Green Bumper Sticker Background
Light Green
 Light Gray Bumper Sticker Background
Light Gray

Step 2 Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker Step 2 - Choose a Font for the Bumper Sticker Text
 Arial Bumper Sticker Font
 Impact Bumper Sticker Font
 Tahoma Bumper Sticker Font
 Tahoma Bold Bumper Sticker Font
Tahoma Bold
 Aliens Ate My Mum Bumper Sticker Font
Aliens Ate My Mum
 Georgia Bumper Sticker Font

Step 3 Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker Step 3 - Select Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Black Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Chocolate Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Dark Red Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Blue Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Dark Green Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Dark Purple Bumper Sticker Text Color
Dark Purple
 White Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Dream Cream Bumper Sticker Text Color
Dream Cream
 Light Blue Bumper Sticker Text Color
Light Blue
 Gray Bumper Sticker Text Color
 Light Gray Bumper Sticker Text Color
Light Gray
 Yellow Bumper Sticker Text Color

Step 4 Text Entry - Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker Step 4 - Enter Bumper Sticker Text

Enter 1 to 5 lines of text in any of the boxes. Text lines appear on the Bumper Stickers as they are laid out, for example, line 1 is at the top of the Bumper Sticker, line 5 is at the bottom, line 3 in the middle etc.

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

Line 5

Step 5 Bumper Sticker Settings Step 5 - Select Options

Optional settings to adjust text and/or add a border.

Font Size

Border Style
No Border
Text Color Outline
3D Outset
3D Inset
3D Frame

Text Line Angle
Enter a positive or negative value from 1 to 90
or -1 to -90 to angle the text lines. (Small angles used with middle text lines recommended.)

*** Security Validation
This field is required and must contain the correct response to create a bumper sticker.

Enter Nifter.com in all upper case letters:

When you are ready, click the button below once.
Your Bumper Sticker will appear in a new window. This page will remain so you can make changes if desired.

Firefox Users
The Firefox web browser (and possibly some others) does not always display the Bumper Sticker after submitting. Often Firefox will show the first Bumper Sticker submitted and not others. If this happens to you, simply press F5 on your keyboard to reload the page that the Bumper Sticker did not appear on and Firefox will then display it.

 Bumper Sticker Maker for Facebook Bumper Stickers Link to this Page from Your Website or Facebook Account

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