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Free Online Web Browser Start Page Generator - Cool Tools
Build a customized start page for your web browser. You'll love it!

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Free Online Web Browser Start Page Generator
From the Cool Tools section, this neat resource is often referred to as the Home Page Builder by our visiting friends, but we think Start Page Generator more aptly descibes its purpose.

Generator? Builder? It doesn't really matter, but when you think Home Page Builder, most people envision an online tool that creates home pages for web sites. Although the start pages created with this cool tool could be adapted to suit that purpose, its real strength is in the simplicity and saved time it brings to web surfing. It does so by creating a very handy start page for web browsers, and, if you've never used a custom start page with your web browser before, you're in for a treat. How cool is it? Very. For example, we happen to know that the creator of this cool tool, Mark Simmons of Nifter.com, has been using Custom Start Pages since 1996. And since the time he built that first page, friends, family neighbours and others have taken on the idea and employ one in their own web browsers. It's just so darn handy you can't live without it once you've tried it. Mark sums it up nicely himself:

"The Start Page Generator is a simple tool that I have put online with the hope that it will make someone's life a little easier. I have always loved having search boxes and links to sites I commonly visit right at my fingertips the very second I open my browser. It only seemed logical that other people would appreciate the idea too, so, I created a tool that could build start pages for web browsers and put it online for whoever wants to use it. If it's useful to some people, great! I know it saves me a ton of time every week, and anything that can do that this easily is going to be a favorite of mine real quick."
 Cool Tools for Webmasters and Internet Users

Quick Note About Start Pages and the Start Page Builder
The web browser start page (or home page) is the first web page you see when you open your web browser. Use the Start Page Generator below to automatically build a custom start page that can be shown when you open your web browser.

On your new start page you can add a Yahoo and/or Google search box plus links to your favorite sites. This makes browsing the internet faster and easier as you can perform searches through Yahoo and Google without having to visit their web sites first, and, the sites you visit most often will be right there in front of you, ready for your next visit, just one click away.

To view a simple black and white example of a browser start page select this link:
Custom Web Browser Home Page Sample (Opens in a new window.)

To begin construction of your Custom Web Browser Start Page follow the easy instructions below.

Free Start Page Generator - Home Page Builder Web Browser Start Page Generator

Title of Page
Enter the title you would like displayed on your start page:

Subtitle - Just for Fun
Enter a subtitle for the page if you wish. Leave the space blank if you do not want one. (The subtitle is displayed under the title in a smaller font.)

Page Background Color
Select a background color for your start page by selecting one from the drop down list or entering a web page compatible hexidecimal code in the Custom box. If you enter a custom color the list selection will be ignored. (Custom Example: #EFEFFF)


Title and Link Color
Select a color for the title and links as per above.


Add Search Form(s)
Select the search form(s) you would like on your start page. You can choose Yahoo, Google or both. Links to Yahoo and Google will be included with their respective search boxes.

I would like a Yahoo Search Form on my start page.
I would like a Google Search Form on my start page.

Add Links
If you would like links to any of the following web sites on your start page, mark the appropriate checkbox for each.
Yahoo Mail
Merriam Webster
Craig's List
CNN News
The Weather Network
Language Translation
Currency Convertor

Nifter.com Links
These are links to popular areas of this website and you can imagine how handy they are to have around. Uncheck the ones you're certain you'll never use.
Sound Effects
TV Themes
Web Templates
Truetype Fonts
Cool Tools
Web Graphics

Add Additional Links
Add additional links to web sites you commonly visit or would like to have quick access to from the start page. (Not including those selected above.)

- Enter a 'Name' and 'URL' for each link.
- The 'Name' will appear as the clickable link on the start page.

Make sure you do not skip boxes when entering Names and URLs; they should be entered in order from the first Name / URL slot and down. For example, if you were to add 5 links here, you would use the top 5 Name and URL slots.
Name:   (Used for link text)

URL:   (Full path to website)

Web Browser Home Page Builder Security Validation
This field is required and must contain the correct answer to build the Web Browser Home Page.

Enter the sum of five and seven:

Click the button below once to build the code for your new web browser home page.

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