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Free Online Meta Tag Generator - Cool Tools Meta Tags Builder
Build a customized start page for your web browser. You'll love it!

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Automatically Generate Meta Tags for Your Web Pages
From the Cool Tools Collection, use this Free Online Meta Tag Generator to build custom meta tags that can be easily pasted into your web pages.

The Meta Tag builder is simple to use and will help you create standardized tag elememts for your web site. Bookmark this page so you can come back and update your Meta Tags whenever the need arises.

Meta Tag Recommendations
What Meta Tags should I use on my web pages?
This is a very common question, the answer to which varies only slightly between search engine optimization specialists.

In the late 1990's Meta Tags were used by most search engines to obtain what was considered then, an accurate representation of a web site's content. More importantly, they were also used to help determine a site's ranking in search results.

Today, Meta Tags do not hold the importance they once did, but certain elements should still be included on every page of your web site. The Meta Tag Description and Meta Tags Keywords elements are expected to reside on web pages by the majority of search engines and web directories; they should be considered the minimum for the Meta Tags you choose to included on your pages.

The following is a list of Meta Tags with additional information and our Meta Tag Recommendations for you to consider. It is really up to you which Meta Tags you choose to include on your web pages; however, the a smart webmaster will consider the Description and Keywords tags mandatory inclusions. Many Search Engines modify their criteria regularly, and the truth is, we don't really know who is using which Meta Tags at any given time. What we do know is that websites without a least the basic set of Meta Tag elements are often left behind.

Free Online Meta Tag Generator

- Enter Meta Tag data as it relates to the specific web page you are creating tags for.
- Any Meta Tag elements you do not wish to include should be left blank.

Meta Tag Generator

Online Meta Tags Generator Meta Description
Use: Concise description of web page content
Form: User-friendly sentences
Recommendations: 150 - 170 characters max (approx 25 - 30 words)
Example: Free meta tag generator helps you create meta elements...

Meta Tags Generator Meta Keywords
Use: Accurate keywords and/or phrases associated with web page content
Form: Keywords and phrases separated by a comma or comma and space
Recommendations: Don't repeat a word more than 3 times
Example: meta tags, meta tag generator, free, online, create, build, builder, generate...

Generate Meta Tags Utility Meta Abstract
Use: More detailed description of the page content
Form: User-friendly sentences
Recommendations: Accurate, detailed description of page content, 250 words max
Example: This page provides the internet community with a Free Meta Tag Generator...

Online Meta Tag Builder Meta Revisit-After
Use: Indicate to search engine robots how often to check page for updates
Form: Numerical value as number of days
Recommendations: Accurate minimum time-frame of expected page updates
Example: 21


Free Online Meta Tag Builder Meta Author
Use: Provides information about who authored the web page
Form: Concise statement
Recommendations: Name and/or company name plus email if desired
Example 1: John Smith, Ukabu, Timbuktu
Example 2: Jane Smith, jsmith@timbuktu.com
Example 3: Nifter.com

Online Meta Tag Generator Meta Copyright
Use: Provides page content copyright information
Form: Concise copyright statement
Recommendations: Standard copyright information
Example: Copyright © 2010 Nifter.com All Rights Reserved

Free Online Meta Tag Generator Meta Robots    (More information New Window: Robots Meta Tag Information)
Use: Tells robots how to index page and whether to follow links on the page
Form: See 'Example'
Recommendations: None. Element is dependant on web page use. Most pages = index, follow
Example: 21

Alternate Robots Tag: (Advanced)
If you are familiar with the less common robots tag elements and wish to create a custom tag, enter it here. If this field is used the drop-down list above will be ignored.
Example: index, no follow, no archive

Free Online Meta Tag Generator Security Validation
This field is required and must contain the correct answer to generate the Meta Tags. It is used for security purposes and is not part of the generated Meta Tags.

Enter the sum of eleven and ten:

Click the button below once to generate the Meta Tags you chose to use.

 Free Online Meta Tag Generator - Cool Tools

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