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Free Cool Tools for All - Webmaster, Software, Freebies

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 Cool Tools for Webmasters and Internet Users
Cool Tools Collection - Helping You Get Things Done - Helping You Have a Little Fun
Welcome to our new Cool Tools section. Here you will find a variety of tools geared for both webmasters and the general internet public. Many will be unique generators and builder-type applications that you can add to your website for your own visitors. We will aslo be addingsome hot Cool Tools for unique purposes and tools that just make life simpler.      Free Cool Tools - Index of Available Tools & Resources

List of Free Online Tools & Widgets
Browse the table below to find the Cool Tools that will help you or add a little fun to your day.

Tools Description Go To
Start Page Generator

 Online Web Browser Home Page Builder
We're starting off the new Cool Tools section with a unique Start Page Generator. Although its name sounds like it might be a website home page builder, this tool is actually used to create a start page for your web browser. The web browser start page (or web browser home page) is the first page you see when you open your browser.
 Web Browser Custom Home Page Builder Show More

 Build a Custom Start Page with the Start Page Builder Cool Tool Start Page Generator
Meta Tags Generator

 Go to the Online Meta Tag Generator
The Online Meta Tag Generator is an easy-to-use utility that simplifies the creation of common meta tag elements used in web pages. Information and meta tag examples are displayed for each element to assist those new to mega tags and their attributes. Customized meta tags can be created quickly and without concern for typo and format errors.
 Online Meta Tag Builder Show More

 Free Online Meta Tags Code Generator Meta Tags Generator
Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker

 Go to the Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker
Make Bumper Stickers for Facebook with this new, Cool Tool that creates Bumper Stickers conforming to the image dimensions required by the Facebook Bumper Sticker application. (Maximum size of 170 x 200 pixels.) This is also a popular size used by Facebook Bumper Sticker addicts. Not only that, but the maximum size also allows for a maximum amount of text to be added to Bumper Stickers. The Facebook Bumper Sticker Maker will automatically create Bumper Sticker pictures in exactly those dimensions, setting you free to let your imagination roll and create custom bumper stickers your Facebook friends will enjoy.
 Online Bumper Sticker Creator Show More
 Free Online Facebook Bumper Stickers Creator Make Bumper Stickers
Ask the Magic 8 Ball

 Play Ask the Magic 8 Ball Online
Ask the Magic 8 Ball. Most of us have heard of it, and many of us have played it at some point in our lives. Some of us even own the Mattel Magic 8 Ball game, either now, or have sometime in the past. No matter what our history with the Magic 8 Ball game, we always come back for more.

The Magic 8 Ball answers questions that require a Yes or No response. It helps us make decisions - all in fun of course. But not all Magic 8 Balls are the same.
 Ask the Magic 8 Ball Questions Online Show More
 Free Online Magic 8 Ball Game Magic 8 Ball Game

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