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Casey & Caylee Marie Anthony Video Library - Full Case Coverage
Videos Regarding the Tragic Homicide of Caylee Marie Anthony - Extensive Coverage by Nifter Media

Home > Nifter on YouTube > Casey & Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case Videos

 Casey Anthony Videos - Main Index Jump to the Main Index Below

Caylee Marie Anthony - Casey Anthony - Videos, Full Case Coverage
 Image from 'You Are My Sunshine' by Nifter Media - The Anthony Family This page contains an index of videos from our Casey & Caylee Marie Anthony Video Library that have been added to Nifter.com thus far. The video library itself includes all videos created by Nifter Media for our YouTube channel. (All of Nifter Media's Casey & Caylee Anthony case videos can always be found on our YouTube channel.)

Casey Anthony - Caylee Marie Anthony Homicide Case Background
This horrible tragedy began on or about June 16, 2008 when it is suspected that her mother, Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. A two year old from Orlando, Florida, Caylee was not seen again after June 16th, but she was not even reported missing until the middle of July, and only then when her grandparents became suspicious about her whereabouts. Tragically, in December '08 her skeletonized body was found in a wooded area about 1/3 of a mile from her home.

How the Events Unfolded
During the month before Caylee was reported missing (June 16 - July 16 '08 approx) Casey Anthony had supposedly left home with the child for some time alone with her - some time away from her parents, George and Cindy. This time away, again supposedly, was intended to be a bonding period. At least that is one of the reasons given for this odd event, there have also been others. Her mother, Casey Anthony - a single mother living at home with her parents, George and Cindy - did not report Caylee missing for a month. She finally confessed that she had not been with her child for 31 days after her Mother, Cindy Anthony, confronted her about Caylee's whereabouts. Cindy, shortly thereafter called the police about the situation after first contacting the Orange County Sheriff's Office regarding money, credit cards and a car Casey had stolen, apparently also during the period Caylee was 'missing,' although it has bacome clear that Casey Anthony's shenanigans have been going on for years.

As facts and reports came in this case became stranger and stranger and has now gripped North America and even the world with its odd series of events and the crazy behaviour of Caylee's mother, Casey, not to mention the twists and turns Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother and Caylee's grandmother) has been attempting to toss into the mix. At one time the consensus appeared to be split over whether or not Cindy Anthony was simply in denial of the facts or was covering for her daughter, Casey. As time went on Cindy's many conflicting statements became more and more obvious, the consensus change. Now, especially after witnessing her behaviour and what seem to be flat-out lies in the Zenaida Gonzales deposition, the number of people who still believe Cindy Anthony is in true denail have dwindled substantially. You can make your own decision, but many now believe that Cindy Anthony was a woman with issues long before this case began.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface of this bizarre case.

Nifter Media has been covering this case since the beginning and has created over 80 videos at this writing, with that count expected to hit 100 before long. Extensive coverage of the disappearance of Caylee and the antics of her mother, Casey, who has shown absolutely no public remorse for her daughter and most other notable events have all been covered thoroughly. We will continue to update this section with latest Casey Anthony videos as we get time. Our YouTube channel will also have the full list of Casey Anthony videos.

Video Index
Casey Anthony - Caylee Marie Anthony - Murdered Orlando Florida Child Case Videos
The index of Casey Anthony videos currently available on Nifter.com can be found lower down on this page. The 'You Are My Sunshine' video series described immediately below has been a favorite of visitors to both the site and our YouTube channel. Click the image or use the link in the description to view the You Are My Sunshine video series.

You Are My Sunshine
A Four Part Video Series by Nifter Media

Watch 'You Are My Sunshine' - a popular series of four videos that shows many of the conflicts the Anthony family has put forth to the media and police, among other things. Also featured is Caylee Marie Anthony's grandfather and Caylee herself singing the song You Are My Sunshine.

Short video clips edited together using a variety of methods create an easy to watch outline of some of the more interesting aspects of this family's bizarre behaviour. Whether honest or otherwise, the You Are My Sunshine series offers a look at many of the more poignent moments this tragic case has brought to the public. Click here to watch the videos.
 You Are My Sunshine - Caylee Marie Anthony Homicied Case - Casey, George, Cindy and Lee

Main Video Index
The video index is divided into sections to help make it easier to find the videos you want to watch.
The following links will take you directly down the page to the selected section. We are adding as many videos to Nifter.com as we can manage to get time for. We hope they will all be here before too long. The full list of videos (well over 200 at last count) can be found on YouTube channel.

  Videos of Caylee Marie Anthony
  Police and FBI Interviews
  Visits and Phone Calls with Casey Anthony in Jail
  General Casey / Caylee Anthony case videos
  Depositions in the Zenaida Gonzoles Civil Lawsuit

 Casey Anthony Videos - Caylee Marie Anthony Videos Caylee Marie Anthony Videos
Video clips of Caylee herself in happier times.

 Caylee Marie Anthony Video Clips (3 Videos)

 Casey Anthony Videos - Caylee Marie Anthony Videos Police Interviews
Interviews by both police and FBI of Anthony family members and other people related to the case.

 George Anthony's Police Interview (4 Videos)
 George Anthony's Complete FBI Interview (4 Videos)
 Troy Brown Police Interview  (Friend of Casey Anthony - 2 Videos)
Michelle Murphy Police Interview (4 Videos - Former room-mate of Lee Anthony and long time family friend - 4 Videos)
Lt. Tammy Uncer Police Interview  (Jail security with Casey Anthony when news of body being found broke on tv)
Kiomarie Torres Cruz Police Interview  (Friend and schoolmate of Casey Anthony - 2 Videos)
Annie Downing Police Interview  (Friend and schoolmate of Casey Anthony - 12 Videos)

 Casey Anthony Videos - Caylee Marie Anthony Videos Visits and Phone Calls with Casey Anthony in Jail
Videos of George and Cindy Anthony visiting Casey in jail, a visit from a high school 'friend' and audio recordings set to video of the early visits between Lee, George, Cindy and Casey.

 Lost Jail House Videos Between Casey and Her Parents, George and Cindy - Missing Tapes (4 Videos)

 Casey Anthony Videos - Caylee Marie Anthony Videos General Casey Anthony Case Videos

 Casey Anthony Text Messages Shortly Before and After Caylee Reported Missing
 Holes in Casey Anthony's Statement about Car being Out of Gas
 Lee Anthony's Attorney on Possible Charges & Donated Money
 Party Girl to Business Woman - Casey Anthony's New Look
 George and Cindy Anthony - Larry King Interview
 Interview with Jim Hoover, former Anthony Family Private Investigator (2 Videos)
 Sheriff Kevin Beary Comments About the Discovery of Skeletal Remains
 Video Photo Montage of the Site where Caylee Anthony's Remains were Found
 Skeletal Remains of a Young Child Discovered Near the Anthony Home  (Original Reports)
 Four Part Video Series - You Are My Sunshine (The Anthony Family Perspective)

 Zenaida Gonzales Civil Lawsuit Against Casey Anthony Depositions in the Zenaida Gonzales Civil Lawsuit
Full video coverage of the depositions given in the Zenaida Gonzales civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony including family members, friends and other players in the case.

 George Anthony deposition videos (14 Videos)
 Cindy Anthony deposition videos (16 Videos)
 Lee Anthony deposition videos (12 Videos)

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