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 Download complete file libraries at once Multimedia Archives, Complete File Libraries, 1 Zip Download
Bulk file downloads in zipped file collections. Up to thousands of multimedia files in one download.

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Download Complete File Libraries at Once - Full Archives Downloads - Zip File Packages
Nifter Mega-Paks are large collections of archived multimedia files from various categories that are packaged together in zip file format so they can be downloaded in one download session.

Each Mega-Pak contains a complete library of files (file archives) from a specific multimedia category. Special Mega-Pak downloads are also available so you can easily obtain files from more than one category. One example of an archived files download is the Fonts Mega-Pak. The fonts archive includes about 6,700 fonts within a single zip file. Of course a single zip file means you can obtain all of the fonts in one download.

The table below shows the Mega-Paks currently available, the approximate number of files in each and a description of the file archives / Mega-Paks. In the Nifter tradition we are offering these to you for incredibly low prices, prices that are often less than what you would pay for a single file type elsewhere! The uses for these libraries of file archives are many, the deals are outstanding and each Mega-Pak is available for downloading immediately after purchase. This is a don't miss opportunity that simply can't be denied.


Download your new Mega-Pak(s) immediately after purchase.
You can have access to the Mega-Pak(s) you choose only minutes from now!

** Prices are introductory specials and subject to increase in the future

Truetype Fonts


Nearly 6,700 truetype fonts plus font sample images. The fonts are organized alphabetically in 28 folders; one folder for each letter of the alphabet, a folder for fonts whose names begin with a number and one for dingbats. (Dingbat fonts.) Total size is 178 MB. A fonts archive of this magnitude selling for just $19.89 is like a giveaway - you just can't go wrong.


Website Templates


Large selection of website templates complete with all required images and a default html page for each one. The web templates are neatly organized into individual folders; within each template's folder is the default html page (displays the template / design when opened) and an image folder containing the template's display images. Also included are two separate html pages: one page set up to display each template as a sample image (sample images included) and one listing the entire website templates collection. Download size is 8 MB. At only $8.89 for over 300 website templates this is truly an outstanding offer.


Sound Effects


About 2,000 excellent quality 'Wave' (.wav) sound effects neatly sorted into 30 main categories which include: aircraft, animals, background sounds, battle, bells, birds, cars, cartoon, comic, electronics, emergency, farm, horror, household, industry, medical, miscellaneous, musical, nature, nautical, office, people, quotes, recreation, science fiction, tools, trains, trucks, vehicle and water. The sound effects are sequentially numbered within their individual folders (categories) and ready to go. Download file size is 143 MB. This awesome collection of sound effects is expected to be listed for approximately $50.00 when the introductory special ends, which is still a great bargain. Being able to obtain about 2000 sound effects for $24.89 today may be one of the best buys you find on the internet this year.


Web Graphics


The Web Graphics collection is divided into 7 main categories and far too many sub-categories to list here. (322 folders total.) The main categories are: arrows, bullets, buttons, clipart, letters & numbers, lines and messages. The are further organized into sub-categories such as colors and other divisions pertinent to the main category. For example, the 'clipart' category is sub-divided into 30 more categories (animals, cartoons, people, nature, games, sports etc.) Each of those sections is also organized individually into relevant folders, for example, 'Sports' clipart is divided into categories such as baseball, basketball, golf and so forth. Bottom line: a very well organized web graphics collection with enough files to create an entire website. Also of interest is the fact that this collection also contains many, high quality animated gifs. It's just a remarkable archive that you are certain to enjoy. Download size: 38 MB. This Mega-Pak is truly a super, super deal!


Textures & Backgrounds


Just an amazing selection of textures commonly used for a wide variety of purposes - web page backgrounds, art projects, video backgrounds, picture and desktop design being a few of them. 60 main categories divide the textures into colors, types (for example, marble, music backgrounds, rock etc.) and others. The textures / backgrounds are jpg and gif image files. File size is 52 MB. There are so many ways to use this amazing collection it really needs to be described as a must-have. For only $16.89, the decision to make them your own personal collection is an easy one.


Background Image Tiles


A beautiful selection of image designs and patterns that create a seamless background when tiled on a web page or other media. These images come in jpeg (jpg) and gif format, and as you might imagine, have a wide variety of uses in both website design and as creative backgrounds for other artistic purposes. The many styles of website templates alone that could be creted with this collection is unimaginable. These terrific looking pictures can also be easily transformed into unique icons or used as backgrounds for website images, banners, buttons, navigation menus and so on for example. Always good to have around, we're certain you'll appreciate having your own huge collection of background images designed for seamless displays.


All Mega-Paks

All of above

All Access Mega-Paks Archives
Receive full access to all of the Mega-Paks above! You can download all of them, a few, or whatever you please. Immediately after purchase you will be directed to a location where each of the archives above is available as a separate download from the same web page; simply select the Mega-Paks you want and save (download) them to your computer.

This is an outstanding opportunity and one we highly recommend you consider. People all over the world and all across the internet are searching for these types of files; the possibilities for uses is mind-boggling. Many websites charge more for a single font than the price of this entire collection! You can get all of the file archives today for only $39.89 - but please remember, this is an Introductory Special and the prices are subject to increase. Acting now is the only way to be guaranteed the prices you see above.


Save nearly $70.00!

Instructions for Purchasing Mega-Paks
You will be given access to the Mega-Pak(s) you choose immediately after purchase. All you need to do is click the 'Buy Now' button beside the Mega-Pak you want and complete the transaction. You will then be directed to a location where you can download the Mega-Pak you just purchased. If you purchase the 'All Access Mega-Paks Archives' option, you will have download access to all of the Mega-Paks from the same web page. Getting your new Mega-Paks archives is simple and quick. We use the highly respected services of PayPal to handle purchases so that you are guaranteed a safe, secure and private transaction. Mega-Pak sales are subject to the terms and conditions in our privacy policy. Please note that purchases of digital downloads (any products that is received by download) are not refundable due to fraud concerns.

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