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About Nifter.com - Nifter Media Group

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About Nifter.com
The best way to describe Nifter.com is a one-stop, free multimedia files download center. We provide a wide ranging selection of digital media types that can be obtained free of charge simply by visiting our site and downloading the files you are seeking. As you can imagine, this is a project that has no end and that's exactly how we like it. Our goal is to bring you as many different media file types as possible and keep them accessible on a free download basis. Unlike so many other websites these days, at Nifter.com, free really means free.

Free Multimedia File Downloads
This is the main thrust of our website, and at the time of this writing, the free downloads already numbered in the tens of thousands.

In one way or another, the free file downloads provided on Nifter.com are all integral to the creation and enhancment of multimedia projects and other computer related hobbies and interests. Nifter.com provides a centralized location whereby visitors can find and download the different media files (digital downloads) they need for whatever reason.

The fact that our multimedia resources are free is one of the most important aspects of our goals for this site. Before Nifter.com was launched and as heavy users of multimedia resources ourselves, we were all too familiar with the frustrations of finding good tools easily. How many times have these things happened to you: Searches turn up websites that appear to offer good resources but ultimately are nothing more than pages of ad links to more pages of ad links and so forth; navigating to a website that proclaims to offer specific (or otherwise) free resources leads to yet another tired location where 'free' means a fee is required; thousands of free selections actually means only a handful, and again, you must pay for more. These problems and many others combined with the fact that putting together a multimedia project or tinkering with various hobbies means browsing many websites to obtain the items you need, all the time weeding out those that are near useless, led us to create Nifter.com and include everything possible in one place and keep the largest number of resources we can totally free.

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Bookmark Nifter.com now as you will quickly find us invaluable for all your media needs.

The Nifter Media Group
We are a small company that has been active in internet pursuits since 1995. Our interests are global and focused on providing a quality product for each and every one of our highly valued visitors. The internet has changed drastically over the years; free is commonly not what it used to be and running into ad-only sites while searching for particular subject matter is common-place. The nifter.com website in some respects, is a return to the good ol' days when free really meant free and websites actually offered what they said they did. We hope we have succeeded in our quest for a simple, easy to use website that offers the content you are looking for.

We thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Nifter Media uses a high contrast design to assist the visually impaired.

Nifter.com Website
Nifter.com primarily uses three navigation arrows to help describe where links are pointing to and/or what will happen when a link is clicked on. Sometimes links may point to a descriptive section that is further down the same page and sometimes (most often) links will take you to other pages on site. To assist our visitors in making easy choices we use the following navigation arrows:

    This arrow is shown beside links that lead to other pages on the website and occassionally to pages on other websites.

    This arrow, pointing down, can be found beside links that direct you to a section further down on the same page.

    This arrow indicates that a link will open in a new window.
Note that not all links on site will have these arrows beside them. They are primarily used when both kinds of links can be found close together or to highlight menu items and/or important links.

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